Young Missionary Update – Luke Aubrey and Jessie Wright

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Hello friends,

Perhaps some of you remember a series of blogs I did four years ago about two young missionaries in Papua New Guinea, Luke Aubrey and Jesse Wright. What has happened since then and what work are they doing now? Let me give you a little update.

First, I’ll tell you about Luke. For those who don’t remember my previous blogs, which you can find here, here and here, Luke is involved in what he calls SALT courses. SALT stands for Scripture Application and Leadership Training, encouraging villagers to read and study their newly translated Scriptures.

A very happy Luke and Marjan Aubrey, with their daughter Grace and her passport

It is a vital first step of course to translate the Scriptures (like Edmund, myself and others did for the Nabak), but if those Scriptures aren’t used, then all that work is for nothing. The SALT Bible courses are opening peoples’ hearts to the translated Scripture.

Since the last blog I wrote about him, Luke has married the “Dutch woman,” Marjan Sikkema, whom he mentioned was on his SALT team in Part 2 of the last blog series. After seeing them through some difficult pregnancy complications, God blessed Luke and Marjan with a beautiful little daughter, Grace, just last year. God’s most recent answer to their prayers has been to finally provide a passport for Grace in December, after lots of paperwork and legal run-arounds. The Aubreys were very happy to be able to travel as a family to the US for some missionary training. Luke was hoping he wouldn’t have to go alone and leave his wife and daughter behind. Praise the Lord!

Continue to pray for them as they work on the missions training in the US and for their continued discipleship work as they return to PNG.

Jessie Wright poses with her luggage before leaving for the US on furlough

Now for Jessie Wright. Jessie has a very interesting story of how God called her to overseas missions, specifically to translation work with Wycliffe in PNG. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading that story here and here in my previous blogs about her. Here is a quote from her in that blog: “Once I had turned over all control to God, he began guiding me towards overseas missions and into Bible translation with Wycliffe, fulfilling the seed he had planted in my heart so long ago as a child listening to my mother read those missionary stories.”

Jesse traveled back to the US in May of last year for a 16-month furlough. She is currently in Texas, taking some last classes and preparing for final exams. Then she will graduate with a master’s degree in linguistics, and return to PNG in August! Pray for her studies and her continued translation work when she returns.

Please keep these young missionaries in your prayers as they faithfully carry out our Lord’s commandment: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”



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