About Grace

Grace is originally from a farming community in upstate New York, the daughter of a pastor. She served with Wycliffe Bible Translators, first in Mexico and then thirty-five years in the island nation of Papua New Guinea.

God’s Word is a constant source of joy in her life, and a light to others, a light she has shared with others through her book, Outrageous Grace, and through her years touring North America as a speaker and teacher. These are not her accomplishments, but those of Almighty God. She has simply been blessed to be a part of them.

Grace lives in Douglassville, Pennsylvania where she quilts, paints, reads, collects PNG stamps and bird watches in her free time.

Grace at age seven
grace doctorate




  • Honorary Doctorate of Divinity awarded in May, 2010 – Davis College.
  • Master’s degree in Human Resource Leadership – 1987-90 – Azusa Pacific University.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies – 1984-86 – Empire State College.
  • Linguistic training with the Summer Institute of Linguistics.
  • 3-Year Training Certificate in Bible – 1956-59 – Practical Bible Training School/Davis College.



  • Seven and a half years of experience in primitive living, learning an unwritten language, literacy and translation in southern Mexico.
  • Thirty-five years’ experience in Papua New Guinea devising an alphabet for the Nabak (non-Austronesian) language, working in literacy and ethnomusicology, compiling a dictionary, writing comprehensive papers on grammar and anthropology, and completing a translation of the New Testament.
  • Many on-the-job seminars and workshops relating to linguistics, anthropology, literacy.
  • Served as a Senior Anthropology Consultant.
  • Taught a college level course in Translation Principles to Papua New Guine (PNG) nationals.
  • Published numerous letters and magazine articles about life as a linguist-translator.
  • Co-authored a 490 page book published by Australia National University in 1998: Morphology, Syntax and Cohesion in Nabak, Papua New Guinea.
  • Raised four children and shared them with the world.
  • Taught Bible subjects at the major Bible College (CLTC) in Papua New Guinea.
  • Frequent speaker at ladies retreats and mission conferences.
  • Teach Grammar to prospective missionaries.
  • Teach lessons from Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.
  • Authored a book published in 2009, Outrageous Grace.



Quilting, Writing, Reading, Collecting PNG stamps, Painting, Bird Watching

Grace Fabian