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You’ll be caught up in the wonder of God’s unfailing love as you read Grace Fabian’s book Outrageous Grace. This is her memoir of her years as a Bible translator in Papua New Guinea

In the thirty five years she lived there she raised four children while working with her husband Edmund to translate the Bible into the Nabak language. With Edmund’s seemingly senseless murder at the hands of a local villager and friend, her world was thrown into ruin. She and her four children wrestled with grief and disorientation, as well as legal issues and hostile locals. Grace was forced to reconcile the two different worlds in which she lived; the local Nabak culture, and her own Christian heritage from the United States, and even to forgive the man who murdered her husband. Through God’s outrageous grace, however, she came to see its purpose in His plan. What seemed a senseless death turned into an amazing story of redemption and leaves an indelible, beautiful mark on the soul of everyone who reads her book.


“This is more than a dramatic account of the brutal murder of missionary Edmund Fabian in Papua New Guinea. Rather, it is the account of decades of challenging work to bring the Bible to the Nabak people of that island, providing a host of details that bring to life the joys and challenges of Bible translation amongst people whose language has never been reduced to writing. Yet, the story does turn, in many ways, on the murder of Edmund and the choices his widow, Grace, made in the ensuing months and years. Thus, it becomes an account of the outworking of the gospel itself: forgiveness, faithfulness, joy in the midst of suffering, and the sheer triumph of God’s outrageous grace.”

-D.A. CARSON, Research Professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, award winning author of over fifty books including The Gagging of God, founding chair of GRAMCORD


“I was spellbound reading Grace Fabian’s story of her husband’s murder and the redemption God wrought through this tragedy. One thing impresses me above all else—Grace and her family are anything but shallow Christians given to sensationalism. Instead, they are obviously firmly rooted in the soil of Scripture and recognize that God is sovereign over all things, including the temptations of our adversary. In the cauldron of her suffering, Grace has come to know ever more fully that nothing can befall us without first passing through the filter of God’s love.”

-HANK HANEGRAAFF, President of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Bible Answer Man Broadcast


“Try to put this book down, I couldn’t. My friend Grace Fabian has given us a ponderous, convicting, inspiring, energizing, deepening look into her life. She has been transparent about how God gave her daily light when in the darkest experiences, courage in the fearful times and a willing heart no matter what. Grace mentors us in what it looks like to be triumphant in the midst of ongoing heartache. Her willingness to walk toward, forgive and serve one whose actions resulted in great pain and loss has marked me forever. You won’t read a book quite like this again.”

-GAIL MACDONALD, author of many books including High Call, High Privilege and Keep Climbing


“Enthralled, awed, and teary-eyed throughout, I have just finished reading your manuscript and could not stop until I’d read it all. I have no words to describe how grateful I am to our gracious heavenly Father for you and your unfathomable sacrifice for His people. We receive more manuscripts than we can actually read. In my more than fifteen years of working with the Christian Research Institute, however, I’ve never read a manuscript that more bears the mark of Christ and is more worthy of promotion for the sake of His kingdom than your story.”

-STEPHEN ROSS, Christian Research Institute

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation:
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