About Speaking

Grace Fabian is a dynamic speaker who can keep any group engaged. She is available to speak on a wide variety of topics and to many groups. Grace lives in Douglassville, PA and is willing to travel to a nearby church, or to a women’s retreat on the opposite side of the world. While she has many topics already prepared to speak on, she is also willing to prepare something just for the theme that your group needs. She doesn’t ask for an honorarium but needs mileage and accommodation to be covered.

Speaking Calendar

Click above to check Grace Fabian’s schedule to see if she is available to speak to your group or if she will be in your area.Your meeting here pic

Type of Groups:

Ladies retreats,

Mission conferences

‘Perspectives’ courses,

Church groups,

Children’s groups,

Vacation Bible School…


Accompanied by PowerPoint = PP

  • Grace’s Personal Testimony  PP
  • Through it all with Jesus
  • Puzzles of Life Series: 1) The Key Piece 2) Straight-Edged Pieces, 3) Crazy Pieces  PP
  • Marah- Find Your Way through the Bitter Places  PP
  • God’s Intensely Personal Love PP
  • A Life Worth Living PP
  • History is Calling- History of Bible Translation PP
  • Joy in the Journey Series: 1)Going My Way, 2) Bumps in the Road, 3) Down but Not Out
  • Fill My Cup, Lord
  • Dangerous Decisions
  • Perspectives on the World Christian Movement #1, 3, 5, 6, 10 PP
  • GO- Biblical Basis for Mission PP
  • Unleashing the Gospel
  • Where did Jesus Go? Expansion of the World Christian Movement PP
  • Your Kingdom Come PP
  • How Shall they Hear? PP
  • Iron Links in God’s Eternal Plan PP
  • Mutilated Coins
  • Lost: A sense of Mission- John 4
  • State of the World- Understanding the world in regards to religions, poverty,…
  • Linguistics
  • Grammar (5) PP
  • Lightening the Load PP
  • Choices Toward Forgiveness PP
  • Reconciliation, the path of righteousness PP

Women’s Retreats Recommended Topics:

Possible Titles: Hope for a Woman’s Heart, Puzzles of Life, Lightening the Load, Outrageous Grace, God’s Intensely Personal Love,…

Possible Sessions: Testimony Message, Puzzles of Life(3), Sweet Fragrances, God’s Intensely Personal Love, Forgiveness(3), Fill my Cup Lord, Marah,…

Children’s Topics:
•    Vacation Bible School
•    Stories
•    Object lessons
•    Snake story
•    Crafts
•    Cultural fashion parade
•    International food tasting party
•    Quizzes
•    Songs

College Semester Courses:
•    Psalms and the Wisdom Books
•    Exodus
•    Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
•    God, Man & Satan
•    Paul’s Theology of suffering
•    Intro to Old Testament Prophetic Books
•    Cross-Cultural Communication

If you’d like Grace Fabian to come speak at your group contact:
Grace Fabian

Video of Grace Speaking:

To hear Grace speaking with Hank Hannegraaff on the Bible Answer Man Show:

Click here

Speaking Endorsements:
When you were at our church two years ago for the mission conference, you also spoke at a Ladies’ Retreat. As a result of hearing your story, one of our young women gave her life for full-time ministry. Amanda just completed a term at the GIAL, and is headed for training in January. We are praising God for these steps in her life. Thank you for your part in them.
—Holly Wismer, Grace Church at Willow Valley

The show was wonderful last night.  Thank you for your heartfelt message of hope and triumph in the midst of tragedy – and the importance of spending time in Scripture and memorizing God’s word – that is the key to overcoming difficulties in our lives.
—Wendy Simmons, Executive Assistant to Hank Hanegraaff

Yesterday was the worst day ever to wear mascara.
—Spoken by a Houghton College student after hearing Grace Fabian speak in chapel the day before.

Your speaking to us Friday evening, Grace, was so inspiring to me and many! God has allowed you to walk through a deep valley and has given you victory on the other side. You blessed so many hearts and lives by telling your story. We never realize how the seed will multiply.
—Carol Fraser

Thank you for your testimony at the banquet. My husband I I were truly blessed by your testimony. It is amazing to see God’s faithfulness when we are obedient to his leadership. You have sacrificed greatly for others.
—Dianne Johnson

Grace is a seasoned and very effective speaker. I have had many good reports about her speaking abilities.
—Tina Dunkel

Your time with us at the retreat was such a blessing. I fear that I would have run away and hid from the pain instead of waiting for God to complete His work. Thank you for sharing your story about God’s love and care.

-Margaret Morahan

Grace Fabian