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DSC_0267Springtime is in full bloom here in Douglassville, Pennsylvania! I don’t know about you, but spring erupted into a chock-a-block full schedule for me. I even went to California for 2½ weeks speaking on a Wycliffe Associates banquet tour. The scheduled speaker couldn’t get his visa in time and I was happy to fill in. And yes, chicken was served each evening, but don’t worry, I’m not cackling yet. I love the many opportunities the Lord gives me to share his love and faithfulness.

20160525_194303Back in late May I was in Chicago at Trinity International University teaching linguistics to 12 young people who are thinking that Bible translation might be God’s plan for their lives. Beside the “grammar” lessons, I shared a devotional one morning. I was also able to talk about God’s intensely personal love. That morning in my own quiet time with the Lord before I gave the talk on God’s love, my Bible reading included Psalm 92. I smiled as I read verse 2 “to declare your steadfast love in the morning…” It seemed like a confirmation that I had chosen the right topic for that Thursday morning worship time.

psalm 921-2I also gave my testimony Tuesday night. Why was it a surprise to me that the rest of verse 2 in Psalm 92 says “and your faithfulness by night”. Certainly my testimony is all about God’s faithfulness. Thank you, Lord for this additional affirmation!

Pray that these young people will continue to follow God’s guidance, his love and faithfulness, and that some of them will find their niche in Bible translation.

I thank the Lord for a lady who recently accepted the Lord through my presentation of the gospel. It is one thing to give birth, as my daughter did in April, quite another thing to nurture and care for that baby. Pray for this lady, this “baby” in Christ. And pray for the friend who is following up with loving care and teaching her about God’s love and faithfulness.

At the end of June I will be “missionary for the week” at a DVBS back in my home of Otego, NY. Please pray that

  • many children from the community will come
  • The Lord will guide me to the right topics, stories and activities to engage them and assure them of God’s love and faithfulness
  • God’s Spirit would blow over us and around us that week

Thank you, dear ones, for believing in me, praying for me, and for supporting me financially. I am very grateful for your investment. May the Lord multiply that investment many times.

By his grace may we all continue to declare his steadfast love and faithfulness whether in the bright light of morning, or the darkest hours of night.

Yours and His,

This is my quote for the month. Maybe it will relieve you of some of the fears about who will be the next president of the U.S.A.
“No matter who becomes president, Jesus is still king.”


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  • Simon & Rosemary Boorne says:

    Dear Grace, we are just rereading your book, thanks again for it. It brings back so many memories of PNG. And of course of our wonderful Lord. How great that you are still so actively used by Him, may He bless richly all you are doing.
    How are you, and your family? We’d love to hear. Who has a baby? Oh, it would be great to hear from you.
    We are all OK, 9 grandchildren now – ages 2 to 25 .3 girls and 6 boys. We’ve just been on grandparent duties with Pete whilst Jo was away on a conference for church workers wives. He has the 4 youngest members of the family. Andy is still a doctor in Truro with his 2 big sons, 16 and 18 years old, and Karen is in Scotland with her 3, Tarka 25, Maddy 19 and Lukha 14 .Maddy and Josh due to start uni in October.
    We are busy with church things, toddler group, Bible studies etc etc. Life is good and spring is bursting out all over and I”m enjoying my garden.
    All our love, Simon and Rosemary

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