The Big Bad Bull

June 16, 2016 8:54 am Published by Leave your thoughts

This Isn't the Big, Bad Bull, but Close Enough!


I’ve told you a little bit about the farm where I lived when I was a little girl, but I haven’t told you that we had a big bull there. He was huge and very mean. I was not afraid of the cows, but I was terrified of that bull.

He was kept inside a fence but I didn’t trust him to stay there. I had seen him lower his big head and shoulders and go charging after the dog. Then there was the way he would paw the ground until the dust came up into his eyes. He was very aggressive and I didn’t feel comfortable anywhere near him.

But the absolute worst thing was his bellowing. It was a loud roar which came from deep within him. I could see his massive chest heave and his neck stretch up when he let out that awful sound. It sounded like something between the roar of a lion and the howl of a wolf, if you can imagine such a fearful noise.

Well, like I said, I didn’t like him at all, but most of the time he was in the back pasture and I didn’t have to think about him. One day, however, I had the scare of my life.

sidesaddle bikeI didn’t have a bicycle of my own, and I was too short to ride daddy’s bike, but I figured out a way to have a good time. I would push my daddy’s bike to the top of the hill and stand on the pedal and go sailing down the hill. I was pretty good at balancing myself that way. I guess it was similar to riding a skate board.

Well, one day I had just reached the top of the hill, puffing from pushing the bike all the way to the top, when I saw that bull come over the crest of the hill in the pasture to my left. Quick as lightening, I jumped on the pedal and started rolling down the hill. That bull was not happy, and he charged right through the fence like it wasn’t even there, and straight at me.

Now, if I had been very smart and not panicked I would have stayed right on the bike and I probably could have outrun that beast. But I made the mistake of turning around, and that’s when I saw him stampeding straight after me. I lost my balance and the bicycle toppled over. I screamed and kept running down the hill with that bull breathing down my neck.

Thank God my daddy was working in the garden nearby. He heard my screams and immediately saw that I was in danger of being gored or trampled by that bull. He ran out to the road and scooped me up just seconds before that bull came speeding past. Boy, what that a close call.

Daddy carried me into the house where I lay trembling for a long time. I never did trust that bull, and now for sure I certainly didn’t have one good word to say about him. And you know what? I never went riding my daddy’s bicycle on that hill again. It was just too scary!

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