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Some things just seem to happen. That’s the way it is with my sheep collection. Sheep collection? Well if you’ve never been to my home you wouldn’t know. No, I’m not raising real sheep in my backyard. I just have a collection of sheep-themed items. They aren’t classic or exotic but they are special to me.
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  • Mae Robinson says:

    Love the sharing of your sheep!

  • Kathie McCall says:

    Great post Grace. I did not know about your sheep collection, love the stories. Hope you’re staying warm.

  • Peggy Bowden says:

    Beautiful analogy. Thank you, Grace.

  • Adeline Knorr says:

    This brings praise to our Good Shepherd.
    Our relationship with Him is tender….precious.
    It reveals many of His attributes.
    What must He be like?!!!!!

  • Deborah Snode says:

    As I was reading Psalm 23 this past year I noticed that He, the Shepherd is leading and goodness and mercy following. We are in between, a very safe place to be. Yes, His watchful eye does not miss anything.
    Thank you for your encouraging website, I took note of it as I am now in the middle of your book, “Outrageous Grace.”

    What a tremendous man Mr. Fabian and all the experiences the Lord used to mold him! and you!
    Praise God!

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