Great Things He Hath Done

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Dear friends,

     As I write this post I can’t help but remember it was this week sixteen years ago that we on the NabakB translation team celebrated with the Nabak people the arrival of their New Testament. I still have tears welling in my eyes as I remember the laughing, dancing and dramas of those days.

     I just returned from Massachusetts last night around midnight. I went to visit Lars and Elisabeth Gren. You might know the name Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of Jim Elliot who was martyred in 1956 in Ecuador. Elisabeth is in very poor health and suffering from dementia. It was sad to see such a wonderful communicator unable to verbalize her thoughts. There were times when she smiled and we had the sense that she understood us. It was important for me to personally thank her for all she had done for Jesus, and how her books (she’s written 32) had impacted my life, and celebrate a life well lived.

     I had a wonderful week in July at Montrose, Pennsylvania, at the Christian Writers’ Conference. Every day was packed with workshops and inspiring seminars. I’m more motivated than ever to move ahead on some of my writing projects. The theme for the conference was “Silver Links in God’s Eternal Plan.” I had the privilege of giving the final message and challenge on Friday morning. I titled it, “Iron Links in a Silver Chain.” If you’re curious what that’s about I’d be happy to send you a copy. I’m not putting it up on my blog yet because I’ve been asked to give the same message at the Lancaster Writers’ Group closing next year.

A     Other happy news is that my oldest grandson, Isaac, proposed to his girlfriend, Lauren Reitz, in Maine. She said, “yes”. I’m so glad for them. They make a beautiful couple—not just on the outside but from the inside as well. Another celebration to get ready for–a summer wedding. Am I excited? You can bet on that.

     We are looking forward to a visit from Anthony, Heidi andNathaniel6 baby Nathaniel next month from California. I am counting every minute until then. This will be our last time together before they leave for Central Asia. I’m trying to think of things we can do together that will make the time memorable. We’ll celebrate Anthony and Heidi’s first wedding anniversary on the seventh, plus three birthdays during that time—Heidi and Kurt’s (on September 16th – that’s the way twins arrive!) and Anthony’s (on the 15th). I know we’ll be fighting over who can hold Nathaniel next. He was 4 lbs 14 oz. at birth and is now over 7 lbs. I’ve already started preparing my top ten recipes—pies in the freezer and all that good stuff.

     While this letter has been mostly about celebration I will share with you two other items. I’ve spent hours with a neighbor who’s going through a divorce after sixteen years of marriage. It’s an ugly situation. I wish I could do more for her but I pray and hug and counsel. Please pray for Julie. The second request is for my granddaughter, Victoria. She has been led astray, and Matthew and Dietlinde are deeply burdened for her. If you want more info I will share the details privately. But please pray for Victoria.

      I know many of you pray for me as I travel and speak. Thank you. Did you know that I have a brand new email newsletter which will give you my blog, deep thoughts, and updates about twice a month? Let me know if I can add you to my list.

Great things He hath done,


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