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Grace and Vanarias

Many of you have been asking about my planned trip to Papua New Guinea. Originally it was planned for this summer. But there were complications, including a change of time for the P.N.G. elections. I have two basic reasons for this trip: (1) to attend the Mesem New Testament dedication on January 26, 2013. The Mesem language group borders on the Nabak territory. The translators for the Mesem, Neil and Kathy Vanaria, are dear friends and it is an honor to be invited to this ceremony. (2) to contact some of my Nabak friends and family. To those of you who have read my book or heard my testimony, you know that my children and I were lovingly inducted into the Sanau clan and given family relationships. How are they doing? Are the believers prospering in their faith, reading and studying the Word of God? How can I encourage them?

Cover of old hymnbook

I do know that the Nabak hymnbook has been sold out so I’m hoping to have a new hymnbook printed for them. This will be my final gift to them. We need to send the thumb drive of the hymns to the Swiss Mission in P.N.G. soon. They will print the books at their print shop and I will pick them up and deliver them to the Nabak people. That’s the plan but the preparation of this book is taking longer than expected. Dietlinde and I would appreciate your prayers about this.

I don’t have tickets yet but I plan to leave early in January and probably stay 6-7 weeks. Before all this shuffling of dates came up I had already accepted a ladies retreat in Oregon in March so I need to be back in time toward the end of February. Hey, you could pray about all this scheduling also.

Some of you have shown an interest in giving toward my travel expenses or toward my ticket expenses (I’m about halfway there). Here’s the address where you can send your donation and receive a tax-deductible receipt:
GapFill.org, Inc.
3145 E. Chandler Blvd.
Suite 110-125
Phoenix, AZ 85048-8702

Or give through their website www.GapFill.org

I’ll let you know when plans firm up because I will need your prayer help every step (air mile) of the way.

And please check out my website


for my very busy schedule this month and next. If I’m in your area please come by and see me.

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