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TIU3If you don’t know me, you should be aware that I was a Bible translator for many years in Papua New Guinea. Because of my years there, I hold the process of Bible translation near and dear to my heart. As we start a new year – 2015, if you can believe it! – I wanted to provide you with a little information on the progress Wycliffe Bible Translators made in 2014. It’s been an exciting year!

Below is a chart showing all of the language groups that had a New Testament translation completed this past year. Four of them had complete Bibles completed, including the Old Testament. And lest you think all Bible translation takes place in impoverished countries, one of these groups (the German Pennsylvania Dutch) lives just an hour or two from my home! They live only a couple hours outside of Philadelphia, PA, the 6th largest city in the United States. Bible translation is everywhere, and it’s vital for people to hear God’s Word.

110401-N-HC601-027Amazing events are unfolding around the globe due to Bible translation. According to Ralph Winter, founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission, “The Bible itself is now clearly out of control in many parts of the world…. Once people get the Bible in their own language you can readily expect what in most cases will be an explosive growth of faith movements to Christ.”

If you find this even a little interesting, I encourage you to check out the Wycliffe Bible Translators website. They have a project called The Finish Line, which details those language groups that are within three years of completion. It’s worth a look. And it’s worth some prayer, because these translators are working hard, and sacrificing every single day to bring the Bible to those who don’t yet have it.

So here they are, the proud owners of new Bibles in their own heart languages. May God speak to them more clearly now, and touch those hearts with love. And won’t you please raise a toast, give a shout or say a prayer of thanks for the missionary translators who have completed each of these tasks. Say thanks for the years they have given, and the love they have released – out of our control, but fully under God’s control – into the world!

Country City Population
Cameroon Meta 87,000
Muyang 30,000
Ivory Coast Jula* 1,500,000
Ghana Sisaala* 140,000
Mozambique Makaonde 400,000
Nigeria Obolo* 250,000
Senegal Noon 33,000
Guinea Bissau Mankanya 75,000
Philippines Kala Eastern 30,000
Kala Western 40,000
USA German Pennsylvania Dutch* 118,000
Indonesia Lik 7,000
Ketengban 15,000
Tetun 500,000
Papua New Guinea Arop-Lokep 3,020
Ogeo 2,210
Solomon Islands Kwaio 20,000
Vanuatu Maskdynes 1,400
Nafe 3,500
Mexico Mixtec 35,000
Zapotec 10,000
Brazil Wayampi 1,000
Panama Kuna 57,000
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