Oh, The Places I’ve Gone!

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Oh, the places I’ve gone; Papua New Guinea, Germany, Australia, Singapore, France, India, Indonesia,…and now Turkey.

I was visiting family in Turkey a couple of weeks ago, and it was wonderful. I enjoyed catching up with them, of course, but the country itself was beautiful. I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of what I enjoyed. If you ever get the chance to go to Turkey, do it!

Perge -Columns

Antalya- Harbor

Cappadocia- Underground City and Hot Air Balloon Ride

Aren’t you jealous?


IMG-20151009-WA0078P IMG-20151009-WA0074 IMG-20151009-WA0070 IMG-20151009-WA0062 IMG-20151009-WA0054

IMG-20151009-WA0038 IMG-20151009-WA0017 IMG-20151009-WA0016 IMG-20151009-WA0003 IMG-20151008-WA0102

IMG-20151008-WA0100 IMG-20151008-WA0099 IMG-20151008-WA0084 IMG-20151008-WA0072 IMG-20151008-WA0068

IMG-20151008-WA0048 IMG-20151008-WA0054 IMG-20151008-WA0057 IMG-20151008-WA0059IMG-20151008-WA0063

IMG-20151008-WA0045 IMG-20151008-WA0043 IMG-20151008-WA0038 IMG-20151008-WA0035 IMG-20151008-WA0033

IMG-20151008-WA0023 IMG-20151008-WA0019 IMG-20151008-WA0013 IMG-20151008-WA0008 IMG-20151008-WA0005


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