Joyful Christmas

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Frosty with Dietlinde and Tori

Excitement over “A Chocolate Christmas”

Oldest and Youngest Grandchildren

I did quite well there for awhile with my blogging, then I fell off the cliff, I guess. I don’t know exactly what happened—life? But you missed a lot of good stuff the Lord put into my life during that time. Sorry. Now, with urging from my daughter, I’m back to blogging again.

I did have a lovely Christmas. I had the honor of speaking at the Sugar and Spice Sunday School class the Sunday before Christmas. Preparing that study was a great encouragement to me and from the reports the ladies were blessed. Beside the Bible study I did a fun thing by telling the Christmas story using candy bars. That’s a hoot.
I put up my usual decorations: glass with pink lights on top of the piano, the nativity set on the antique music cupboard, bamboo angels in the dining room and snowmen at the bow window. I cover every single branch with balls and snowflakes and other cutsey things. I hid the 16 stockings under the quilt on my bed and we had a treasure hunt to find them. Hearing Eli scream with excitement over the little treasures he found in his stocking made it worth the work of filling them. Isaac wrote me a beautiful note with his gift. On Sunday morning Isaiah wore the shirt I had given him so I knew I did that right. Kurt looks really sharp in the wool jacket I gave him. I really enjoy the magazine Israel My Glory that Matt and Dietlinde subscribed for me. I dug out all my musical instruments from Papua New Guinea so we rattled and drummed as we sang some Christmas carols. Just the week before we attended the concert presented by Berks Christian School. It was superb. It’s a small school but their music program is excellent. My Christmas present for Isaac was to send him to Urbana for the missions conference. They were expected 17,000 young people. My friend Libby Little was to give the plenary address. I can’t wait to hear Isaac’s report when he gets back.

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