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IMG_0034I enjoy sewing, which is no secret. To keep up with that hobby, I belong to a sewing club. For Christmas this year one of the ladies gave each of us a glass jar. “It is a place to count your blessings this year,” she said. What a wonderful idea! I already have four slips of paper in mine:

  • That a friend drove all the way from Reading, PA to Boston to pick up Kurt and bring him home for Christmas (Kurt’s car is out of commission.)
  • That my granddaughter, Victoria, spent Christmas Day with us. It was special to connect with her again after six months of distance.
  • nathaniel's first christmasFor technology that allows us to Skype with Anthony and Heidi and see precious Nathaniel.
  • That there are now dates for another Wycliffe Associates Banquet tour in the Spring, when it looked impossible at first.

I’m sure you could tell me your own list and I hope it’s a long one. Perhaps you can get a jar of your own and join us. I hope you find this a powerful technique for appreciating the good things God has given you.

IMG_0038As I am thinking of blessings, I must remember Bible translation. Right now, around the world, men and women are translating the Bible into hundreds of different languages, so people everywhere can read God’s words in their own heart language. To me, that is the greatest of blessings.

Pray for the brave men and women involved in that difficult, time-consuming process. Pray for safety of the computers where the verses are stored. Pray for people to become students of the Word and to cling to the promises when the winds of persecution howl around them. May many come to believe as they read its message.

So consider your blessings and don’t take them lightly. I pray that each day of 2015 would bring you blessings and joy as you carefully follow our great God. And I thank you for all you do in prayer and giving to keep me and others advancing this challenging work. May God bless you!

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  • Mae Robinson says:

    Loved reading about your blessings, Grace. I also love to sew. Not doing so much now since the children are gone but still doing it.
    I love seeing your pictures.
    With Love,

  • Steve Dwire says:

    What a great way to remember all those little things we ought to be thankful for!

    Thanks so much for writing this. We shared a link to your article to Edify Hub’s followers on facebook and twitter this evening.

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