His Sweet Wind

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When I still lived in Papua New Guinea, one of my co-workers gave a seminar about a new strategy he was trying among the people group where he translated the Bible. It proved successful so he shared the story with us thinking we might want to try the same tactics.

After the presentation, my co-translator, Zumbek, and I discussed the pros and cons. Then he gave an illustration I’ve never forgotten. He described how the Nabak men ax down a tree in the jungle, then chop it up, carry it home and stack it for firewood. “But,” he said, “We can’t use it for firewood right away. The wind has to blow around it until it’s dry.” You know what I’m talking about, right? Some things are the same no matter which side of the world you live on.

Zumbek continued, “We can huff and puff as much as we want but that wood will not catch on fire if it’s wet. But if it has dried sufficiently, it only takes a spark and that wood will be blazing.” Then Zumbek added, “You know we can try this or that strategy. We can work with great gusto to make things happen but it is really the Holy Spirit who must blow over this project before anything can happen. Our job is to pray that the Holy Spirit will blow around and over this Word of God we are translating. Then in God’s time, it will only take a spark to get the fire going.”

Could that a-ha spark time be now? I just received an email from Zumbek. He says that many more Nabak people are reading their New Testaments than ever before. He wrote that all 7,000 copies we printed have been distributed. (That’s probably about one copy per family.) He also said all the hymn books I took over in 2012 have been distributed. He has started work on a new one.

What great news, but there’s more. Several Nabak men have stepped up to say they want to translate the Old Testament into Nabak. Pastor Tauke Somare will lead them. They asked Zumbek to make sure I knew. Yippee!

I wrote right back to encourage them and ask how I could help. I said, “Send the names of each of those men who have volunteered and I will gather people here who will stand behind them in prayer.”

You, my dear friends, have been part of the team reaching the Nabak, and so I had to share this great news with you. Doesn’t it seem like the sweet wind of the Holy Spirit has indeed been blowing?

Lifted by His sweet wind,


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  • Amanda Rowe says:

    That is wonderful news.

  • Ken Thimpson says:

    Wonderful and instructive reminder for us. I join in standing with the Nabak men as they translate the Old Testament. This is thrilling. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sharon Lutz says:

    What an exciting story for you to share. How excited you must be!!!!

  • Paula Fox says:

    PTL!! Fruition! For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister. Hebrews 6:10
    Blessings to you and your family!
    ❤️ Paula

  • Judi Clarke says:

    Praise the Lord! This is wonderful news Grace!! You are still there with them and in their hearts.God will finish the work started by you and Edmond.

  • Lorraine Taylor says:

    This is exciting news Grace, to have the O.T. translated into their language! Such an impact your work has had on the spiritual renewal of souls!

    I would certainly love the names of these men who will be embarking on this work to be in prayer.

  • Patti Souder says:

    How wonderful! Nothing is more refreshing than the sweet wind of the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

  • Carol Jean says:

    Beautiful and true illustration about the wind and the fire. Thank God for his wind.

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