Grandma’s Accident

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C-54When I was a little girl, my daddy went off to work each morning. In the summer when we didn’t go to school, my grandmother would stay with us and help out. It was during World War II, and we lived not too far from a hospital. The path of the airplanes coming in to land was almost over our house. It seemed like there were a lot of planes coming in all the time. My father told us the planes were bringing soldiers who had been wounded in the war in Europe.

One day when we were all home, my father called out to us to come and watch a big airplane coming very close and right over our house. We all ran outside to see for ourselves. My grandma Jones came as well, but couldn’t spot the plane at first. She stepped over to the side of the porch, all the time looking up into the sky. She didn’t realize how close to the edge of the porch she was until she fell off the porch, breaking her arm.

We had all felt so sorry for the soldiers who had to go to the hospital, but now our own grandma had to go. Gasoline was rationed during the war, but my father had carefully saveMy sister Carmilla, our dog Skippy and me on the porchd enough for an emergency. Because of that we were able to take her to the hospital and get her arm taken care of. It was quite a scare of course, but in the end she was right as rain, unlike some of those poor soldiers.

This is just one of my childhood memories, and I never thought too deeply about it. If there is a moral to the story though, it would be this: There are many amazing things in the world, and it’s well worth the effort to see them. Don’t forget though to watch your feet though, or you just might miss the wonders as you drive to the hospital!

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