Gearing up for Mesem New Testament Dedication

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This is Dietlinde, writing for Grace. She’s getting geared up for the Mesem New Testament Dedication, which is a neighboring language to the Nabak. I haven’t heard anything from her except that she arrived. This is information from Kathy Vanaria’s facebook page.

Monday, January 21st

PTL, Bibles released at 2 PM today. Just delivered to Hobu where the chopper will take them in. Met at the dock by Mesem who prayed over the scripture. Guests arrive tomorrow. 6 AM departure Thursday! This was the scene at the Lae docks on Monday when the scriptures were released.

Wednesday, January 23rd

Prayers requested for the  group in Lae, Papua New Guinea. The helicopter that was supposed to take them into the village of Samanzing is delayed due to mechanical issues which may not be repairable. In those parts, this could be a major setback. The dedication of the Mesem New Testament is supposed to take place in Samanzing this weekend, and the Bibles (which had been held hostage at the port in PNG for weeks and were supposedly released yesterday) have still not arrived. Frank and Julie and everyone visiting for the dedication are physically well as far as we have heard, but all are anxious to get to the village and celebrate 20+ years of God’s great work there. We are praying all works out to God’s glory, that the Mesem people finally receive the Bibles-which have been translated to their native language over the course of the last couple of decades- and that there is a mutual sharing of God’s light and love among/between the Mesem and the folks visiting.
January 24th – one hour ago
Praying friends, say one for Kathy, Neil and Tony Vanaria, and several other folks who are currently headed to the launch site to hop on a helicopter to Samanzing, Papua New Guinea. Frank says it’s very windy, and I think there are a few nerves about finally meeting the Mesem people. Praying for a safe flight and that all will go well with the New Testament dedication! Exciting time for the kingdom of God!
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