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One of the stranger things we do in life is to have family members we might not see for years at a time until one of them is taken from us. Dazed by the loss, the survivors gather to celebrate the life now ended, and suddenly realize they don’t recognize half of the people who make up their family. Why do we do that? What leads us to miss so much time with those who should matter so much to us?

Of course, they do matter, but the details of life become our focus, ever-present and demanding our full attention. The process of living our day-to-day lives causes us to miss sharing the lives of our family. In a strange way then, funerals serve to help us reconnect. Having just lost one of my sisters, I have been reminded of this fact. Although I miss her, I was able to spend some time with family members I have not seen for a long time.

If you have family you haven’t touched base with in a while, I encourage you to do it. Write a letter, make a phone call, send a card. Just let them know how important they are to you!


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