Evening now, no change!

March 5, 2011 9:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

My phone rang and I was all excited to see that it was my Mom’s name, but unfortunately it wasn’t her but it was the next best thing, a friend of her sitting next to her.


The update is that there is no change in her condition. They have put a nasal gastric tube into her stomach to keep it empty. Presently, Grace is experiencing discomfort but the surgeon hopes that this procedure will work though it may take as much as two days. She hasn’t eaten but is not hungry. She has a few ice cubes that taste great every hour. She’s sleeping a lot because of the pain medicine. Friends sent her roses, and the hospital is taking good care of her.


The remaining tour for the rest of the month has been cancelled, which will be hard for her to disappoint so many people.

Please pray for the Lord’s comfort and healing touch on her body.
Please pray for Grace’s disappointment about missing so many future speaking engagements.

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