Blood Money?

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When I lived in Papua New Guinea it was difficult to keep up on world news. “Oh, there’s a war going on? Where? I didn’t know.” “Who is O.J. Simpson?”
CecilI agree with the international outrage about killing Cecil the lion. The photo in the newspaper of this animal with his pride takes my breath away. How anyone could look at such a gorgeous animal and think of killing it as a trophy is beyond me. If the hunter was dying of hunger and needed food OR this wild animal was attacking him or someone he loved, that’s different. I don’t have a problem with David killing a lion and a bear in order to protect his father’s sheep (1 Samuel 17:34-37). Of course, I’m one of those people who doesn’t even like to fly fish. I’m not a hunter.
But, as offbeat as it is for me to think of killing any animal, there is something more heart wrenching to me that is happening behind closed doors. Those doors have been opened by a recent video (there were several) that details the abortion industry and the selling of human body parts. The videos confirmed some people’s previous suspicion. I’m nauseated as I write these words.
cute-picture-of-black-babyAs I listened to the words of the first video I said to myself, “That’s as bad as it could be.” Then I heard the next one and it is more ugly than the previous one. The words are enough; I think I would faint if I saw pictures.
I remember as a teenager sitting with my family for devotions one morning and being shocked to read in the Old Testament about people sacrificing their firstborn children to the god Molech (Leviticus 18:21). “Daddy, you mean they really threw their children into the arms of that idol? Into the fire?”
“Yes, they did.”
What a cruel and revolting aspect of ancient Semitic paganism that was. But I feel compelled to ask the question–is what we are practicing in this country much different? On the one hand to treat something as “just a fetus”, and then to say a minute later, “And another boy,” is not just hypocrisy, it’s a hideous crime. Why don’t we just say the truth, “It’s a murdered boy.” It seems they didn’t plan parenthood but planned death.
When I talked to my grandson, Isaac, about this he said, “I don’t understand why we treat the “seed” of a baby (Genesis 3:15) differently than we treat any other seed. If we hold a watermelon seed in our fingers, we know that the seed has the potential to become a watermelon. We don’t say, ‘This is just a blob.’ Even in its smallest form it is still a watermelon seed.” He has a good point, doesn’t he? There’s life in the seed.
Maybe pagan cultures do these things but our Constitution talks about LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I assume this means life for those who can’t speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9). Discussing the prices for purchasing minuscule, bloody body parts from an 11.6 week-old aborted fetus is beyond offensive. To say that the abortionist must be creative and alter the procedure so he or she can preserve the parts and make them more marketable, is this okay? Not in my book. Maybeth Hagan, a writer in Merion Station, says, “It’s hard to imagine anything more depraved.” If they were only donating those body parts to research, why wouldn’t they talk about shipping and handling charges rather then giving a price list to a biopharmaceutical company for different parts?

Frankly, every year it’s a burden for me to pay federal taxes but I do so because it’s the law and I do appreciate having the infrastructure in this country that my taxes pay for. But then when I learn that my hard earned money goes to fund an organization that would do this ugly business, I’m angry. (From July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 they received more than $528 million in taxpayer funding of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements. That’s more than $1.4 million per day.) If people want to support this group then they can certainly do so with their personal checks. But I don’t want any part of it.

Just like I can’t understand how killing a lion is right, I certainly can’t understand how killing a baby is right. I don’t have an axe to grind. I’m not against the rare situation where a mother’s life is in danger or someone has been raped. I am against making a business out of murdering babies. We usually stay hushed about the subject of abortion because we all know a loved one or someone who has had an abortion and we certainly don’t want to cause pain for them. We’d rather not talk about it. I thought this organization was a go-to friend for women. That is certainly the image that’s out there. But now I see this cold and calculating side of them. It demands more than an apology. Think of how learning of their practice might cause more pain for a post-abortive woman.
babies-documentaryLet me round this off by giving you 3 Scriptures (there are many more) that speak of the sanctity of life. When I read Psalm 139:13-16 it is clear that a baby in the womb is a life. I think these are stunning verses against abortion. Friends, we are not a mass, not an assembly-line product but someone deliberately planned. I don’t knit much but I do crochet and it’s complicated. A baby is more than a crochet pattern—he or she is specifically gifted, lovingly positioned by the Master Craftsman and autographed by God.
Here’s another verse to think about. God told Jeremiah (1:5), “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” This is clear that life didn’t begin at conception but even before that—in the mind of God. What a sobering revelation.
Now turn to Luke 1:41-44. Here’s Elizabeth pregnant with baby John. While still in the mother’s womb he leaps when he hears Mary’s greeting. This was John’s first prophecy. His ministry began 3 months before his birth—incontrovertible testimony to pre-birth personhood. He was about 9 inches long, weighed about 1½ lbs. He had fingers and toes, and could open his eyes. His skin was translucent. He was an emotional being. He had the capacity to be filled with the Spirit. He was so overcome he skipped for joy. Elizabeth recognized that something portentous had just happened within her.
In the same newspaper that talked about Cecil the lion there was a tender article by Christine Wendler Detwiler ( telling how she volunteers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to cradle sick babies. Nurses are overcome with other responsibilities but these babies need the warmth of a person, the sound of a human voice. Christine tells how these little ones have clutched her heart. She calls them God’s masterpieces, every one. She says, “I take their cherished faces home with me to gaze at over and over again in my mind. They gently soothe my spirit.” Read her full commentary entitled “Proof human life is precious.” (See Philly Inquirer Sunday, August 2, 1915) Very moving.
The bill to deny funds to this abortion provider and to offer the funds to other eligible women’s health-care services was stopped from proceeding by a 53-46 vote. That’s pitiful.
Please join me in praying:
·      that the awfulness of the abortion business would be thoroughly investigated
·      that federal funding would be stopped for all organizations breaking the law
·      that centers like Mercy Community Crisis Pregnancy (105 S. 5th St. Reading, PA) would spring up everywhere and finances be provided
·      that more would be done to protect the lives of the unborn
·      more volunteers would show up to cuddle babies
·      that we would speak life, love and truth to everyone we meet.


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  • Gillian Scoble says:

    Abortion is WRONG!

  • Mae Robinson says:

    I so agree with you, Grace. I wondered if others felt about even fish the way I do. Saw something on facebook where a big fish had been caught and the dog on the boat was allowed to bite on it. I have 4 adopted children and so that explains how I feel about babies in itself. There is no excuse for killing the unwanted babies as so many couples want a baby.

  • Lorraine Taylor says:

    You have raise valid points in this article. I happen to agree with you about it. Selling fetus parts is part of the greed that has captured our country. Another way of making money, and a very sick way at that. And our government is allowing this to continue by funding them, knowing full well they are selling these fetus parts for profit, and that this is illegal, and something they claim to not ever do. Another deviant culture accepted way of making money.

  • carolyn fuller says:

    Very well said, dear sister. We will continue to pray for the defending of this heartless organization!!

  • Joanna says:

    Well said Grace. It turns my stomach. America will surely pay a price for deliberately violating the sanctity of the lives God has given & doing so after what Planned Parent hood does has been brought to light & yet taking an indifferent attitude & doing nothing to stop it.

  • Amin says:

    I counseled women for over 10 yrs that were prnaegnt and were considering abortion. The number 1 reason why these women say that they would rather abort than place is that they would have to carry their child for 9 months and then give it up. My response to that was always- when you abort there are no taking it back, and when you consider adoption, if before the birth or after before adoption is final , you can change your mind and parent. I am adopted and have 2 adopted children, and I could never understand why anyone would take the life of a child because they did not want to parent. The most selfish thing a woman can do is abort her child, and the most selfless (VERY DIFFICULT TO DO) would be to place for adoption.Edit- unbelievable death wins over life!

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