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2015-02-14 12.49.15If you want to get over the blahs of winter get yourself a bird feeder, or, better yet, several bird feeders. There’s nothing like seeing black-capped chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches and hairy woodpeckers out your window. I’m naming only a few of my winter visitors. The picture of a male cardinal perched on a pine bough covered with snow—well it’s breathtaking. Even on the coldest days I brave the wind and chill and make sure my feeders are full. I can’t betray my feathered friends.

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  • Mae Robinson says:

    I enjoyed your stories. I do watch birds also and love it. Interesting about the bluebird. The day one of my grandsons was born a bluebird came to the feeder and from then on I give him bluebird things. I call it the Bluebird of happiness.

  • Paul says:

    So good to hear that you’re also a birder! My Grandfather drilled me with his Audubon bird cards and took me on bird walks… I am so very grateful he did!!

    The bluebird is also one of my favorites, but alas not a resident in my urban Michigan neighborhood. I read somewhere that at least one native american tribe called it the “bird with the sky on his back.” To me the iridescent blue feather structure is just one more proof of God’s design; what possible evolutionary survival-of-the-fittest could explain it?! The blue jay is another bird that sports iridescent blue plumage; it literally screams, “Look at what God made special!”.

    PBS regularly features films of the “birds of paradise” (well named!) that feature fantastic displays of their iridescent plumage… Have you seen these? Also, did you see such birds in Papua New Guinea?

    … And how about butterflies and beetles with iridescent coloring? The fact that such iridescent structures separately “evolved” in butterflies and beetles is just one more proof of creation.

  • Rosemary Barrell says:

    I too have been out in all kinds of weather making sure our feathered friends have plenty of food! One day when I was feeling “blue”, I looked out and saw 5 cardinals sitting in the tree by the feeder. What a smile that brought to my face and my heart, as I said “Thank you Lord”….what a treat!

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