Because of You!

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Hello Friends!
I am on a Wycliffe Associates speaking tour right now, traveling around Florida and speaking at various locations. If you would like to see where I am, please check out my calendar here.
While preparing for my travels, I was reading in the Old Testament and I was struck by a story. Please read the fascinating story in 1 Samuel 13:19-14:24.
Do you notice the five types of individuals in this narrative?
·      The Philistines who were bitter enemies of the Lord and of Israel
·      The Israelites—those who were in the Lord’s camp, but scared because they lacked weapons
·      Some Israelites who had defected to the Philistines and then later returned their allegiance to the cause of Israel (14:21)
·      Jonathan who had an inward conviction that God would win the victory
·      His young armor bearer.
Think for a minute about this armor bearer. He doesn’t have a weapon (see 13:19 & 22) but he is committed to crawl with Jonathan up that craggy fortress. He says, “Here I am with you according to your desire.” That guy is to be commended for his  determination, loyalty and courage. Because of his faithfulness to the task they could rout the Philistines.
What’s this guy’s name anyway? No name is given. He is just the anonymous armor bearer. But be assured that God knows his name, and it’s recorded that he was faithful to stand with Jonathan in that battle.
I would like to recognize those who have stood faithfully with me. Yes, I’m the one who stands up front and speaks but I couldn’t do what I do without you “behind-the-scenes” people. Because of you, God’s kingdom marches forward. Thank you for your prayers, your love and your faithfulness. I appreciate you. I applaud you. He is our glorious captain and we follow without fear.
Because of you,
p.s. If you’re interested in the Lego images I used, they’re part of a project called the Brick Testament – the story of the Bible told using the beloved child’s toy. Take a look at it here.
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