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As I finished this newsletter I was also preparing to travel. I am now on the road, well more than half-way through another five-week speaking tour with Wycliffe Associates. I have been traveling through South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. I wanted to make sure I gave you the most recent news from my home in Douglassville, PA.

I had an unexpected visitor recently—an unwanted one. It’s the Spotted Lantern Fly. Isn’t she beautiful? But don’t be deceived by her good looks. She’s very destructive to our fruit trees, grape vines and agriculture. She, I mean they, loved my silver maple tree, so the pros came and sprayed. Now several hundred dead flies decorate my yard.

Other visitors are coming soon and these we can’t wait to see. My daughter, Heidi, her husband, Anthony, and their two darling children, Nathaniel and Hannah are coming from overseas for a short visit. I’ve remodeled my basement so they can use this address as their base. Thanksgiving will be a special time this year.

I was surprised this month to see that there is an App for the Nabak New Testament. Technology has come to Papua New Guinea. Pray that many Nabak people will discover it and read it.

Recently I heard about a dear lady whose children surprised her with a gift ticket for a train ride through the gorgeous English countryside so she could see all the Fall foliage. She got on the train with her little suitcase but she wasn’t happy where the porter put it. In fact she was not pleased with her seat assignment and asked for a different one. The train just chugged along while she finally got seated comfortably. Still, she fussed with the shade to get it just right. Then she got in an argument with a fellow passenger. Before she knew it her station was called out.

Well, I don’t want to follow that example as I go on my trip. Pray that I will be alert to every open door to speak a word for Jesus. And that I make the most of times to pray and worship him. “Lord, don’t let me squander a moment of these next five weeks.”

I’m not sure where you will be while I’m traveling but I do know this. Wherever we are, God’s love is there to reach us, help us, to balance and brighten our struggles.

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