And the Story Tells On

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Isaac sittingRecently, my oldest grandchild, Isaac, wrote me a lovely poem. He had it printed up and framed, leaving me with a beautiful testament of his love. Needless to say, no matter what the poem was about, I would cherish it.

But the poem was much more than just an “I love you, Oma” poem. He wrote about my life, my struggles and challenges, my terrible losses, and about my abundant joy. I feel it is such a deep and moving poem that I wanted to share it with all of you.

Without further ado,


A Life Given

by Isaac Fabian

When he landed on the moon,
They took off to a land far away.
With a plan at hand
They decided to take a stand.

He was a nurse; she had a purse
Full of gifts and talents that at the Father’s feet they would both lay.
A new place, a new space,
In the mountains and jungles is where God called to obey.scanslides0078

Yes, God is good,
He’s always good.
He prepares us, cares for us,
Walks through the storm with us.
In light or out of sight,
He still remains
And loves us during the pain.
To this truth they needed to hold,
For what was coming would shake their mold.

At a funeral they all stood.
Confusion and sorrow
Would be felt tomorrow.
Some say his life was taken, but his life he already gave.
He lived more than for himself,
Than for his name
Or for his fame.

She was left all alone,
In a jungle only to own
A few of his shirts and a blood stain
That still remained.23

Healing took time.
In the dark, she held on.
She was not alone,
Jesus was guiding, providing, and defining who she was and why she was.
Through the whisper of a promise
He gave her the strength.

A lost life
And years of strife
Led by the hand of God to a place of light.
The goal had been accomplished – It was finished.

Life could be lived,
Love could be shared,
The words were heard.
This book was not just a book,
But a reflection of a life.

Years ago a different life was given.
This life brought life to all.
While this journey ended another journey soon began.
This man is a picture of someone
who was, is, and will be.
While both are quite different,
They are both quite the same.

They both gave their lifescanslides0574
So that others who couldn’t could be
Children of God and heirs to this throne.
The power of Jesus is how his life is shown.

Years went by,
But the story lives on.
She stands strong
And he dances along,
But both in the hands of the Father.

Their love for each other, the world, and the Word
Paved paths for light to fight.
The message continues
and the story tells on.

Isaac and I about 1997

Isaac and I about 1997

Reprinted with permission by the author, Isaac Fabian
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